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Washinhton Philatelic Exhibition  2006


Who We Are— What We Do

Washington 2006 will host a World Philatelic Exhibition from May 27 to June 3, 2006 in the prestigious new Washington, DC, Convention Center. For stamp collectors an exhibition of this magnitude could best be equated to a combination World Series, Super Bowl and World Cup Competition and it is convened in the United States only once every 10 years.


Held under the patronage of the Fédération Internationale de Philatélie (FIP), which represents more than 75 national stamp collecting organizations worldwide, the exhibition will feature a spectacular array of 3,500 display frames containing 56,000 pages from the stamp albums of the world’s finest philatelic collections sent by collectors from over 50 countries.


Washington 2006 will additionally host a competitive exhibition of Philatelic Literature and present an exceptional 500-frame Court of Honor.


Philately, the collection and study of postage stamps and related items, is a hobby that crosses all economic boundaries. It is a hobby that transcends age groups and social status, a passion for kids and adults, the pastime of commoners and kings. It is a rich and vibrant part of the cultural heritage of the world as stamps enable communications between people across countries, continents and oceans.


Washington 2006 will also include an international bourse of over 250 dealers in philatelic materials, national and overseas Postal Administrations, the Smithsonian Institution’s National Postal Museum, and other government agencies. The exhibition is expected to include daily theme postmarks, special stamp releases and first day ceremonies. Many national and international philatelic societies will conduct meetings, workshops and conventions during the exhibition.


Washington 2006 will use this exhibition as an educational centerpiece to expand an interest in stamp collecting throughout the Americas. Programs will be developed to bring the art and history of philately to new audiences with a special emphasis on school age children, special tours, visiting experts and an interactive website.


Collections are as diverse as the imagination of collectors and may range from the postal history of the South during the Civil War to the carriage of mail by the famous Pony Express. From the flora and fauna of North America to mail carried by steamships on the Mississippi. history and art. are captured in real documents that were part of the daily fabric of an earlier time. Postal history elevates the ordinary to the exceptional when viewed through the microscope of time.


Washington 2006 is a 501(c)(3), tax exempt organization, operating under the auspices of the 50,000 member American Philatelic Society and the support of the American Stamp Dealers Association. In order to expand the educational and outreach programs of the organization we seek to raise $450,000 in tax deductible contributions. Special benefits will be provided to members of the Founders’ Cabinet and Organizers’ Club.


Educational Centerpiece of Outreach Program


All stamp collectors are invited to join, setting their own dues based on the level of financial support they are able to provide, their interest in philately and their desire to make Washington 2006 an outstanding exhibition.

To learn more about memberships, click on this link.


To go directly to the membership application form, click this link. 


Philatelic Internet Radio Program Resumes Broadcasting


APS Stamp Talk, the Internet radio talk program on, has returned with a new host, Nancy Clark and schedule. The program now broadcasts bi-weekly on Wednesdays from Noon to 1:00 PST.


With a new time, Nancy hopes it will encourage more real time listeners. The format will include listener participation through call ins and e-mails as well as guest interviews. The call in numbers are 1-888-327 0061 (US) and 1-858-623-01 02 (international) and the e-mail to use at all times is Nancy hosts the program from her home in California.


According to Bob Lamb, Executive Director for the Ameri­can Philatelic Society (APS), Chris Murch, president of, approached APS to locate a new host after Ted Bahry quit last fall. Chris Murchs interest in the con­tinued support for the program is attributed to his father who was an avid lifelong stamp collector. After a search by APS, Nancy accepted the position. APS is providing mini­mal support for some of the expenses such as a second phone line but the program is intended to he self-sustaining with advertisements.


APS Stamp Talk is a streaming audio program that requires the use of audio player such as Microsofts Media Player included with Windows or an equivalent program such as RealNetworks player. To listen, go to the wsRadio Web site at and click on the listen live icon in the upper left corner of the Web page.


Reprinted with permission and Courtesy of The Compulatelist ~ April 2004


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