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As I sit here and think about our show, I wonder if it will be our last. Last you say?, what do you mean our last? In a little less than two weeks from now our biannual stamp show will be luring collectors from all over to check us out, but for our show chairman Gary Bishop, it will be his last responsibility as he is passing on his duties as chairman. This means someone will have to take on the job of seeing the show material and contracts to the dealers gets done. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it if we want to continue putting on shows.

Be prepaired, I will ask for a volunteer to take over as show chairman. I expect someone to step up to the plate, but if not, I will just table the request until the next meeting, then do the same. Somewhere along the line we will either have a chairman or no shows!

The event is on August 14, 2004 at the Plaza Hotel located at 1718 Underpass Way, Hagerstown, at Exit 5 off interstate I-81. There is no charge for admission, and always plenty of free parking. For information please call Gary Bishop at 301-432-4991, or Gene Harris at 301-946-9044.

From The President

I want to thank the following members: Dick Rush whom I forgot to mention in the last issue. He was kind enough to bring in a stamp collection he acquired for the benefit of the members. Thanks to Dennis Hansford for bringing the slide projector. Without the projector the night would have not have been a success. Walter Cunningham for his narration on the PNCs slides - great job Walter. Dave Somerlade for his contribution of the complete folder on Washington 2006. Your help and participation is really appreciated.

At our last meeting we had a total of seventeen members present and again one guest.

Club Web Page

I have been having trouble getting the newsletter information onto the web site in a proper fashion, I think now I have figured out how I can do it and still be able to read it, I am also still in the process of obtaining the club domain name "" to protect our right for the name in the future. I am still looking at many free sites and not so free. A paid site would eliminate pop-ups, banners, and other unwanted features now present on our site, when moved to a paid host.

Stamp Club Poster Wanted

We are in need of someone who is artistically or creatively inclined, either through physically or computer assisted means to design a poster for the stamp club. The poster is for display in our post office, and perhaps other post offices. I have already spoken to our local postmaster and he agreed to at least look at our submission for possible display. If interested or more details, please contact Larry at 301-393-5597.

Privacy Policy

The world we live in is constantly changing and no longer what is was just a few short years ago. In this age of information technology, much once private information is now becoming available to the public. I feel the club needs to adopt a privacy policy on the information we have on our members, as well as the dealers and others we collect and keep data on, and for our website as well. You can help by being part of a committee to develop and write a stamp club privacy policy. If interested please call Larry at 301-393-5597.

Club Officers

President......Larry Bollinger     V-President.......Dennis Hansford     Treasurer..........Vernon Downey    

Board of Directors

Wayd Dunkle     Gene Harris    David Somerlade

Committee Chairpersons

Youth................TBD    Shows............. TBD    Publicity............Dave Thompson   

Publisher & Editor-Larry Bollinger     301-393-5597